Shortbread House Delights

At Chenab Impex we always strive to bring the best of the best brands and make them available to you locally in India. The latest addition to our vast range ( please visit for more information on our product range) are products from The Shortbread House.

The Shortbread House is a small, family run bakery based in Scotland’s historic capital city of Edinburgh. The Shortbread House of Edinburgh is the perfect example of gourmet food producer. It HAND MAKES the finest shortbread in the World, winning the Great Taste Awards, every year.

The Shortbread House is managed by owner Anthony Laing, whose family has been making biscuits for generations. It is  Anthony’s passion to produce the finest shortbread in the World  that is reflected in his victory at the Great Taste Awards.Anthony Laing and his wife Fiona acquired the business in 1989. Since then, it has grown from a small customer base in Scotland to having customers throughout the UK and abroad. They are part of the Laing family , where Lord Laing , Anthony’s father was chairman of United Biscuits.

Shortbread House does not aspire to becoming a large conglomerate, preferring to concentrate on a niche market where quality, rather than quantity, is emphasized. The customer base is predominantly the independent retail trade such as delicatessens, garden centres and department stores such as Fortnum & Mason, John Lewis and Harvey Nichols. The Shortbread House range of products is popular because these products are genuinely made by hand, so their taste, texture and appearance are quite different from the mass produced brands.

Shortbread House comprises of a small team of skilled bakers who use the very best quality ingredients. The products are made to order to ensure you receive the products as fresh as possible.

The percent range was launched recently and are smaller size (bite size) biscuits in a flavor range, with trendy, bright packaging that celebrates typically Scottish pursuits and sports.  Both teams of Shortbread House and Chenab Impex are confident that you and your customers , family members and friends will love this new range.

To top it off , Shortbread House donates 10% of the profits from these biscuits to a good cause each year.

The Percent Range includes :

Original Bite, celebrating GOLF the quintessential Scottish sport: 

Original Shortbread Bites are made using a proudly guarded recipe passed down through many generations to the founder of Shortbread House. Using best quality butter and a little ground rice gives a delicious flavor and a light crisp texture. These bite-size biscuits are a popular snack at any time of day.

Orignal Bites Range

Lemon Bite, celebrating the Highland game of ‘Weight over the Bar’ a sport of strength: 

These lemon shortbread biscuits are truly irresistible. Real lemon fruit and the best Sicilian lemon oil give them a delicious flavor – a heavenly contrast between the sweetness of the shortbread and the sharp taste of citrus. Lemon Bites are the ultimate teatime treats.

Enjoy the percent range !

Enjoy the percent range !

Mocha Bites, celebrating the ancient Scottish game of SHINTY (played with a ball and sticks): 

A subtle continental mix of coffee and chocolate flavours combine to create a special biscuit with a tasty twist, making these biscuits an excellent accompaniment to morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Mocha Bites

Ginger Bite, celebrating FOOTBALL, played in Scotland since the 15th Century: 

Tasty pieces of the best Australian stem ginger and ground ginger are added to these light crumbly shortbread biscuits giving them a distinctive flavour. Bite into them and feel the warmth of ginger develop on the palate.

Choc chip Bite, celebrating SHOT PUT, originated in Scotland over 2000 years ago: 

Delicious bite-sized biscuits containing the best quality rich dark chocolate chips to make them even more irresistible.

Perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon with my cup of Danesi Coffee & Shortbread bite size Chocolate Chip Cookie !!

Perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon with my cup of Danesi Coffee & Shortbread bite size Chocolate Chip Cookie !!

Oaties, celebrating the sport CURLING, an official sport in the Winter Olympics: 

These sweet Oatie bits are made with the finest Scottish rolled oats which are renowned for their health-enhancing qualities. They also have a subtle hint of fine coconut and golden syrup, baked to a gold brown in traditional ovens.

Who would have thought that Scotland has so much sport to celebrate, in addition to other niceties of life like shortbread and whisky! We hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do , especially during the wet and rainy days this Monsoon ! The range is now available through our retail stockists across India , alternately please contact our sales team at :


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