Rummo Pasta – The Story

Team Chenab proudly represents the World’s finest Gourmet Ingredient and Ready to Eat food manufacturers. It has been our endeavor to not only spread the love of good food but also to share the knowledge and stories of the brands and families we represent.

We have used information from the company website to help share the Rummo Story with all our consumers.


Rummo Pasta was born in 1846 when the family horses were used in exploring the land in Sannio to look for the best durum wheat. The round trip to and fro from Benevento involved crossing the Sabato river over the San Cosimo Bridge in order to reach the ancient mill. The water from the river back then would turn the mill wheels and that is when Antonio Rummo began making its own pasta in the Mill Street .

In times gone by, Benevento was a strategic site for the ancient craft of the miller. Merchants of the time, who sent their grain from “Capitanata” (today the province of Foggia) to Naples via Benevento took advantage of this to transform it into flour of the highest quality.

Now after almost 160 plus years the ancient Rummo pasta factory of Via dei Mulini has become a part of the old town of the city of Benevento and stands as a testimony of an ancient tradition.

Over 6 generations of master pasta makers have encouraged the growth and innovation in pasta manufacturing and it is their hard work and acumen that has resulted in them becoming one of the world’s best & award winning pasta makers.


Rummo Pastas are award winning pastas that have been proud recipients of the following awards :

Rummo Pasta is available in India through Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. & it’s distributors.

The various Rummo Pasta Shapes available are :

We hope you enjoy cooking Rummo pasta for your loved ones and will be sharing some easy , quick and absolutely delicious Rummo recipes soon !! Till then Happy Eating !!


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