Milan Fashion Week 2013 !

Our favorite everyday pasta brand Rummo had the opportunity to be a part of the Milan Fashion Week 2013.

Wondering how ??

Born in Benevento in 1846, Rummo has been known for it’s quality and traditional production methods. The brand created an original activity to raise awareness for its new packaging that had a Vintage appeal to it. The campaign that ran through the Milan Fashion Week 2013 and included young models dressed in retro clothes delivering Rummo samples to a selection of restaurants in Milan.

Almost 200 historic restaurants & the trendy ones like Bread and Water and Don Carlos were recognized by Rummo for their quality food in the capital of Fashion.

Check out the fun that everybody had during the week long celebrations in Milan !! 


Rummo pasta and Milan Fashion Week 2013

Rummo pasta and Milan Fashion Week 2013

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