Hosting a Diwali Party like a Pro !

With the Diwali Season here we are sure there are lots of parties to attend and plan. For the newbie hosts out there we are happy to help plan their parties by sharing tips that will make your party a hit !

Follow the series of checklists that we will be posting and we are sure you will have as much fun as your guests will :

  • Make a guest-list :-  This includes names , spouses or Partners names or any plus 1’s that they maybe inviting over. 
  • Set a Budget :- How elaborate is your party going to be ? Do you need a caterer or will you order in or serve home made food ? How many people will you be inviting ? 
  • Set a date : –   This season can be very hectic and socializing is the key theme with weddings , Diwali parties etc all around the corner. We suggest you pick a date and block it well in advance with all your guests so that they don’t make any other plans and you can have everybody over !
  • Sending invites : –  You must call your guests or send out text messages mentioning the date , time , venue and theme for the event to your friends so they may ‘save the date’ . Our friends love e-vites so we use the various applications available online to send out colorful and fun notes to them requesting them to save the date for our events. 
  • Collecting RSVPS We always note down the names of the guests categorizing them as – confirmed & maybe guests along with their dietary restrictions / preferences if any so that we may plan the menu and go grocery shopping accordingly.
  • Booze ListWith Diwali card parties , Wining and Dining are synonymous with Diwali Card Parties. It is always a good idea to make a list of the beverage (alcoholic and non alcoholic) preferences for your guests. This will help you plan out what needs to be bought well in advance.

Cards Party

We suggest you plan a party at-least 10-15 days in advance so that people can RSVP and you can plan it to perfection.

Stay tuned for our next post on Menu setting and other to-do before a party tips so that you may plan your party like a Pro !

* image courtesy : Hindustan Times & idiva

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