Hosting a Diwali Party ! – The Checklist

Excited that the Diwali Festival is around the corner ? Want to have friends over but not sure what to do or expect ? Worry not we have just the right tips , contacts and details for you that will help you throw a fantastic party !

Things you will need to sort out –

1. ICE – Very important to get this organised and delivered in time. Perfect Ice supplies all across Mumbai and most Wine shops have their contacts locally so feel free to ask for a reference.

2. Beverages – Both alcoholic and non alcoholic – Beer , Wine , Sangria , Vodka , Whiskey , Diet Coke , Club Soda , Sprite , Orange juice , Cranberry Juice etc . If the party is slightly big then try to get a bartender to help out.

3. Lights & Diyas – DIwali is the festival of lights so make sure you have plenty of lights and diyas and candles around.

4. Invites – send out an SMS or call people 2 days before the party to have a final count of guests before you start cooking / ordering / seating arrangement / gifts ordering etc

5. Decorations – Flowers , Lights , lanterns make it your own theme. Choose a color or add a toran , floral runner etc to make the room special. Don’t forget to add a Rangoli !

Bring your Silver out and add candles and flowers to make the festival super special !

Bring your Silver out and add candles and flowers to make the festival super special !

6. Music – No party is complete without good Music. Make sure your Diwali Party mix is synced onto your MP3 device and you have a good set of speakers.

7. Gifts – Though Diwali is a festival of lights , gifting your loved ones and friends is a great activity and is very popular thing to do on Diwali . Try to think of something unique for your guests so they take back a memory when they leave the party.

8. Cards – Playing cards are a must and everybody should have them ready for their party. We recommend you get your set at

9. Valet / Party hard Drivers – Make sure your guests don’t drive back home if they consume alcohol at your party. Have party hard drivers handy to ensure their safety and a Valet to ensure they don’t spend their evening looking for parking.

10. Stick to the timeline – Keep all crockery and silverware washed and ready the day before. Stock the bar a day before as well and ensure flowers and food ( if getting catering done) arrive well in time on the day of the party. If the party is slated to start at 9 pm we suggest you have everything set by 6-7 pm so you as a host can get some rest and have plenty of time to get ready !

11. Food – Most Diwali parties end up as card parties so focus on finger foods more than the main course .

Stay tuned for easy to make finger food recipes ! Till then enjoy the festivities !


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