In honor of Mrs. Tarla Dalal – one of India’s first few Masterchefs

For all those of you who grew up in India or part of Indian households , the name ‘Tarla Dalal’ would bring memories of yummy Indian foods or even ‘Indianised’ global cuisine . Unfortunately for many Indians out there who have been following Mrs. Dalal’s easy to follow yet delicious recipes , the Indian culinary fraternity lost one of our revered and followed chefs yesterday. Mrs. Dalal (77) passed away yesterday following a cardiac arrest.

One of the first few Indian’s to have published an Indian cookbook Mrs. Dalal’s recipes have been tried and appreciated by millions across the globe. A proud recipient of the Padma shree award was also known through her cooking show ‘ Cook it up with Tarla Dalal’ , a show that had many women frantically jotting down recipes whenever it aired.

We wanted to share the link to the website of this wonderful lady who brought to millions of Indian homes global cuisine and in her own way contributed to revolutionizing the way we Indians eat.

You may check out her recipes at and ensure her legend lives on.

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