coz’ we got a sweet tooth – Chocolate Truffles

Amedei Truffles

All truffles should be stored in an airtight container in a cool , dry area ( not refrigerator) and ideally should be consumed within a few days.We recommend you try out the truffles range from Amedei ( order now) or can even try to make some at home ( experiment with flavors !) 
Basic Ganache – ( recipe good for about 80 truffles) 
Ingredients : 
435 ml of whipping cream 
60 gms of brown sugar / invert sugar or honey. 
500 gms of dark – bittersweet chocolate finely chopped.  
75gms of unsalted butter – we recommend isigny butter available here . Cut into small cubes at room temperature. 
Ganache means fool in French and this preparation is called so because it was accidentally discovered when a young apprentice chef mixed the wrong ingredients foolishly. 
Instructions : 
 Step 1 :-    Add the cream and sugar into a sauce pan and bring to boil. 
Step 2:- Take this off the heat and leave it to cool to about 60 degrees centigrade. 
Step 3:- Then melt the chocolate in a bowl over double broiler to about 45-50 degrees centigrade and then add the cooled cream made in step 2 to the chocolate. 
Step 4 :- Add butter and continue mixing in so that all ingredients are mixed in uniformly. 
Step 5: – leave this mixture for about 45 minutes to firm up and then use. 
 To make the Truffles : – 
 Step 1: Line a Flat tray with baking paper and place a small amount of the ganache in the corners of the tray underneath the paper. 
Step 2: press the paper down onto the ganache – this will prevent the paper from lifting while piping the ganache. 
Step 3: Open a piping bag and place a half inch nozzle into the bag and cut the end of the bag to allow the nozzle through.
Step 4: Half sill the bag with Ganache and pipe 3/4 inch bulbs onto the baking paper leaving some gap between each one.
Step 5: Place the sheet in a cool dry area and leave it to set , uncovered for 2-3 hours. 
Truffles Basic
The above method is a basic truffle method and in our next post we will share the flavored and fancier truffle recipes. Happy eating ! 
You can buy our chocolate range by emailing us or calling us at and +91-022-28471623

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