Cooking is now Child’s Play – Happy Children’s Day !!

We all have fond memories from when we were kids. A lot of those revolve around food & the kitchen. Could be happy moments shared with you grandmother while attempting to bake a cake or enjoying mangoes cooled in a bucket of ice water during the summer.

We wanted to make this Children’s Day special for everybody at home and thought we would share some mouth watering recipes that are so easy that you and your child can share some fun time trying this out !

Pita Pockets

When kids get home from school and are hungry there’s always that time when you’re thinking what to make for them that they will eat and will be healthy as well. These Pita Pockets have been a big hit with kids all over and it’s time you introduced your little tots to them.

You will need : –

This recipe serves 1 hungry kid.

2 mini pita pockets – available at the bakery near you.

1 tbsp soft cheese spread – any brand / flavor that your kid enjoys

1 tbsp grated Cheddar cheese

Fillings – What does your kid like ? Olives ,chicken , pinto beans with mild salsa , sweet corn, scrambled eggs ,tuna lettuce leaves – shredded or even the vegetable you cooked for lunch ! (best way to trick them eating healthy stuff eh?)

How to prepare –

Pop the pitta pieces  into the toaster for 45 seconds , until just puffed but not crisp.

 Then mix the 2 cheeses together

Slice an opening at one end of the pitta and apply the Cheese spread mix with a butter knife

Then stuff it with some of the fillings

Gently squash the pitta closed between your hands, then put back in the toaster – open-side up.

Toast for 1 min and serve !



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