Our story….

Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. represents the world’s best and biggest brands when it comes to gourmet food and fine dining experiences. We have over 200 brands to offer from across the globe. Be it Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Thai or Japanese cuisine or Teas & Coffees or the world’s best Oils, Vinegars & chocolates we have them all under one roof.

Chenab Impex is the brainchild of our CEO Mr. Anil Chandhok, who has always been passionate about good food and it his love of good food that inspired him to bring the fine dining experience to India and make it available to Indians at home.

Armed with a degree from IIT Mumbai , Mr. Chandhok has travelled across the world and being the food enthusiast he is,he dreamed of building a brand that would be associated with the best food brands in the world. Today team Chenab is inching closer to this dream as we represent names like Amedei , Blue Elephant , Cipriani ,Clearspring,Dolce Vita, Lindsay,Mariani,Tipiak among many other equally famous brands.

Over the years it has been our endeavor to to help Indians cultivate & indulge their taste for good, healthy and scrumptious food. In an era where Olive Oils and Olives were consumed only by very very few he has had a significant contribution in creating awareness for the various health benefits of foods like Olive Oil , Quinoa , Green teas amongst others.

It is his passion for food that continues to drive him as he brings us a host of culinary options that are every gourmands delight.

Through this blog it is Team Chenab’s aim to create further awareness of the options that exist today and to fuel the ever growing need and demand for good food. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it and bringing you the world on one plate.

Bringing the World's best food brands to your home

Bringing the World’s best brands to your home

Bon apetit!


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