Molecular Gastronomy 101 – Let’s Spherify !!!

Eaten at a cool new restaurant lately where you’ve been served curry in spheres and been served dessert with watermelon caviar ? Well you can now try doing this at home. While Anmol Chandhok elaborates on how to use these … Continue reading


Molecular Gastronomy 101

Anmol Chandhok , who is currently a student of Food Technology at  Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) has tried to breakdown how Molecular Gastronomy works through a series of articles. We are sure that once you have read these articles … Continue reading


Coz’ we got a sweet tooth !

Ever wondered what goes into making fancy chocolates ? Or wanted to experiment and make a batch for a friend’s party as a gift ? Well for those of you have the time & inclination we are posting a series of recipes for you to try out at home and for the others who appreciate good chocolate please feel free to order our fine range of chocolates or pick them up from our retailers !

Our Coz’ we got a sweet tooth series of posts will educate you on Chocolate – types , kinds and guide you so that you can better appreciate chocolate products when you buy them or make them !

Chocolates from Chenab


We love Green Tea ! Here’s why !

So we’ve decided to include a cup of Green Tea in our daily diet (even though we definitely need our Danesi cuppa to kickstart our days) and we think you should too ! Here’s why ! Regular consumption of Green … Continue reading


Hosting a Diwali Party like a Pro ! – Card Games

Last week we kicked off the Party season with tips to help you plan and host a Diwali get together like a pro ! Today we are sharing with you fun Card games that will add life to your party. … Continue reading