Cooking is now Child’s Play – Happy Children’s Day !!

We all have fond memories from when we were kids. A lot of those revolve around food & the kitchen. Could be happy moments shared with you grandmother while attempting to bake a cake or enjoying mangoes cooled in a … Continue reading


Perk up your Tuesday !

Tuesdays can be drab – the weekend is faaaar away and you’re still catching up with pending work to be done from Monday. You can spice up Tuesday dinners by adding a surprise item to your meal and dressing up … Continue reading


Chocolate Chip Cookies – DIY – Coz’ we got a sweet tooth !

So who doesn’t love Chocolate Chip cookies ? We are going to share the love and a secret recipe handed down over 2 generations , that is going to ensure that you make outstanding Cookies that make for fantastic tea-time … Continue reading


coz’ we got a sweet tooth – Chocolate Truffles

All truffles should be stored in an airtight container in a cool , dry area ( not refrigerator) and ideally should be consumed within a few days.We recommend you try out the truffles range from Amedei ( order now) or … Continue reading


Coz’ we got a sweet tooth !

Ever wondered what goes into making fancy chocolates ? Or wanted to experiment and make a batch for a friend’s party as a gift ? Well for those of you have the time & inclination we are posting a series of recipes for you to try out at home and for the others who appreciate good chocolate please feel free to order our fine range of chocolates or pick them up from our retailers !

Our Coz’ we got a sweet tooth series of posts will educate you on Chocolate – types , kinds and guide you so that you can better appreciate chocolate products when you buy them or make them !

Chocolates from Chenab